Top 5 Reasons To Give Someone A Cupcake


… As if we REALLY need a reason… EVER… for a cupcake!!   😉

Here are our Top 5 Reasons To Give Someone A Cupcake (or a Dozen):

  1. To say “Thank You“- for doing that little something that person always does but never gets acknowledged for it.  (the gal at the office who always makes that pot of coffee in the morning for the staff, even though she doesn’t drink it? )
  2. To say “I Hope You’re Having A Better Day Today” – for that guy who was late to the office yesterday because he was in a fender-bender and now has deal with the car repair shop.
  3. To say “Happy Birthday” – to that friend who already is having a party with cake, but you wanted something just for her/him to be able to relax with over a coffee.
  4. To say “I Hope You Have A Speedy Recovery” – for that person who is recuperating and might need a bit of cheer.
  5. To say “Happy Housewarming” – for that new Homeowner who will certainly welcome a sweet treat at this busy time!

Order Your Cupcakes Now:



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