->>Newsflash: Cookies Have All The Necessary Ingredients For Human Survival…



Thanks to Elizabeth Nicole Daniels for actually putting pen to paper to verify this for us in her article:   “10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Cookies”

A couple of her reasons that stand out to me-

7. Your chances of finding a significant other will dramatically increase
Next tinder profile description: “loves to bake cookies”. I’m tellin’ ya, no one wants to turn down someone who makes them cookies on the reg. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you a list of references.            *AHA!!  Now We Know! 

9. Cookies have all your necessary ingredients to survive
Need your grains? Got it. Dairy? Yep, they have it. Protein? Of course. Fruits? Throw some raisins in there. Nuts? Yes, please. Cookies are limitless and can have whatever your body could possibly want or need. All you have to do it be a little creative.       *YUPPERS… I’ve always thought this to be true… now I’ve been absolved of any guilt from ‘cookie dinners’! 

Check out the entire article at:


…then contact Favorite Sister Bakery for some awesome cookies!!





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