->> Newsflash: The Best Cupcakes are Homemade !!!


Everyone can pick up a dozen cupcakes at the grocery store… but if you Really Want To Impress at your next gathering 

Take a couple dozen of Favorite Sister Bakery cupcakes !!!  YUM !!!

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You’ll be Glad You Did.   ;- )  




Benefits of Creative Activity for Children

Birthday Deco Party Redacted

Help your child explore the creative world of the arts. –  Host a Cookie Decorating Party from Favorite Sister Bakery… it will not only  “… help children develop in a litany of ways by building critical thinking skills, strengthening problem-solving abilities, stimulating imagination and more…” *      but you’ll be the Coolest Parent in the Neighborhood !!!


Cookie Decorating Parties by Favorite Sister Bakery:    http://www.FavoriteSister.US